Goosebumps Good

14 May

Well, hi folks,

Yep, it’s me, Russ, again.  Do ya remember me?  I hope so. Guess I’ve been feelin’ a little shy.  That ain’t like me, but what do you expect?  Usually, I just talk for Jen (she’s the blog-runner, if you’re wonderin’ who that is, while I’m just a book character in her head) and her immediate family, but now…while this blog may not be all that big, who knows how many might see this?  Wouldn’t you feel nervous an’ shy if you was in my shoes?


…Ya know…this’d be a whole lot easier if you’d all quit starin’ at me like that.  ‘Specially you there, in the third row, the one who’s really gawkin’.  What’da ya want from me?  Somethin’ funny?  Somethin’ excitin’?  I ain’t had no professional trainin’ as an actor or performer or nothin’.  I’m doin’ the best I can.  If you want funny, you might have to look elsewhere, fella.

Where was I, now?  I can’t seem to focus today…between all your eyes on me, it bein’ my supper time, and the music that keeps on playin’ here in the Cozy Red, it’s awful hard to hear myself think!  Not that I don’t love the music.  Usually, it’s soundtracks and movie scores that echo off these walls, but at the moment, it’s Tchaikovsky.  Oh yeah, Jen loves this one.  She likes the dramatic stuff.  An’ if she loves it, all we characters usually do, too.

Just sit back in your seats and watch the orchestra play (well…use your imaginations for that part).  Music is a powerful thing, and it’s awful good for a person to stop and listen to it from time to time.  Enjoy the plush seats, sink into ’em deep, and relax.  Listen to it, now.  Listen.  Even better, let your eyes close.  In my experience, the best of music makes ya close your eyes and sorta gives ya goosebumps.  Your breath kinda catches, and you just can’t believe how amazin’ it really is.  The best kind of music is what Jen calls “Goosebumps Good”.  Is this here song that good?  Well, that’s for you to decide, and it depends on your mood.  Jen’s got a lotta songs that are Goosebumps Good in her opinion, and most of ’em come from movie scores.  This one below is an exception to that movie score rule (though it has been used in movies).

Hope ya savor the music as much as all of us characters (and Jen, of course) do.  Music’s a beautiful thing, and it oughtta be treasured.  Enjoy it.


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Posted by on May 14, 2011 in The Cozy Red Lounge


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