The Beetle

29 Oct

Some time ago, my grandpa gave me an old typewriter, encouraging me to use it as I wished.  As you can imagine, I ripped it apart and now have all sorts of good sculpture material.  Thanks, Grandpa! 🙂

I was just toying with these pieces one day in my studio, and I held two matched pieces together and suddenly, I saw an insect face and antenna.  Immediately, I began to put together different pieces to create the rest of this insect.  I took out a box of sewing machine parts I bought for a bargain at a local antique store, and looked through my junk stash until I found the right pieces.  This sculpture came together quickly and easily, which was unusual.  I typically need a few days to picture the sculpture in my head, and some more time yet to find the right embellishments.  But this beetle just came together nicely.

The Beetle

– Made with 17 gauge steel wire, 22 gauge wire, and fine craft wire for attaching embellishments.  The antenna and the legs are parts from the typewriter.  If you look closely at the square ends of these parts, each one has a capital and small letter, or a pair of symbols.  The mandible mouth is made from a sewing machine part.  The beetle’s shell is a metal logo plate from a broken hairdryer…you can see Conair Infinity on his shell, and I rather like that. 🙂

– He measures 5 inches long by 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide.  He’s low and wide, unlike most of my previous sculptures.  Those big, scuttling legs add width.

Thanks for looking!

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