My New Website

22 Sep

Dear readers,

I have published an official website!

For over five years, I have been publishing my work here at my blog.  It has been a joy, and it has been an even greater joy thanks to those of you who have faithfully followed, commented, and liked my posts.  I am most grateful and happy to have had such great company over the years.  Thank you!

Never fear, I’m going to continue my blog.  However, as I continue my path as an artist and author, my time is needed in creative ventures more than the writing about them.  So my posts may be shorter and/or fewer, but I’ll try to keep it up.

So if you’re interested, head right over and check it out.  While my blog, here, has plenty of chit-chat and information, it’s at my website that you’ll see a more concise gallery of my artwork broken down into the appropriate categories.  Plus, I have a shop at my new website.  At The Cozy Red Shop, you can instantly add items to your cart and buy stuff.  I’ve got sculptures, fine art prints, notecards, and copies of my novel for sale.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore it.  It was fun to put it together, and it will be updated with new artworks as I create them, so check back often.

Thanks a bunch!

~ Jenna


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