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Drawings done in graphite.

Big Ben

I drew this several years ago.  Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten to sign and date this piece.  If I remember correctly, this is about 6×15 inches in size.  I rarely draw buildings or any form of architecture, but every now and then, I like a challenge, so I try my hand at it.  Originally, this drawing was part of a set…I drew the Eiffel Tower in the same format.  That drawing sold, and I didn’t get a photo of that one.  So now, this drawing stands alone.  As I neared the finish of this drawing, I kept wondering what time to have it be on the clock.  Neither my birthdate nor birth minute would have worked, as both would have the hands overlapping.  Finally, I decided to make it the time it was when I finished the drawing.  Note that it was 2:33 AM, not PM…I often work best in the middle of the night when most people sleep.  😉

It was drawn on a fairly cheap paper, as this was before I learned the great importance of paper variety and quality.

This done in graphite.

…I suppose I should show the whole drawing.  The hardest part of this drawing was the writing at the bottom.  I’m left-handed, so my handwriting is really quite poor.  I worked long and hard at this cursive word, and yet, I still wish I had left it off altogether!

I hope you like this classic subject.  Thank you for looking. 🙂


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Book Illustrations for “Cory”

When I was sixteen years old, I first tried my hand at writing a novel.  In hindsight, I do see it riddled with mistakes.  Even so, it was how I came to love writing.  It’s set in the late 19th century, and is about a boy named Cory who faces numerous struggles and turmoil from his childhood up until he is in his mid-twenties.  I was so enjoying the writing process that I ended up drawing some illustrations to go with my story.  Since it is a fiction, I had no real faces or settings for reference material when creating the illustrations, so these are from imagination.

What’s happening in the images probably won’t make a lot of sense, but I’ve decided to post them anyway.  I will post them in order as they are in the book.  These drawings are somewhat close to me, as I poured my heart and soul into this story and the illustrations to go with it.  Now as I see them, I can see that the characters’ clothing is hardly accurate to the late 1800s, and the proportions are off in some of them.  Even so, at the time I drew these, this was the best I could do without reference material.

They are all done in graphite, with the exception of the first one in color.  I printed a copy of my graphite drawing of this scene and went over it with colored pencils.  The color image is what I used for my book cover.  They are all roughly 5×7 inches in size.  You may click these to enlarge them and see the detail better.

I hope you like them, even if they don’t make much sense without the book to go with them.  Thank you for looking.



There’s something I just love about dogs with wrinkled up noses.  Boxers, pugs, bulldogs, bullmastiffs, etc.  They are so beautiful.  Which brings me to the purpose of this post…a portrait of a bullmastiff.  I liked the black face and the fawn colored fur of this animal.  I always mean to draw more dogs, as they vary so widely in appearance.


-Approximately 11×11 inches, drawn on Strathmore Bristol 500 series Plate.  This is an extremely smooth paper that is of good quality and stands up to a lot of layering.  It was a bit tricky to get the darks I wanted because of the very smooth surface.  The drawing is a bit lighter than I’d have liked it to be, but it took about as much as it could.

-Graphite (I like to use mechanical pencils more than wood pencils because of the small, sharp lead.)  I used mainly HB mechanical, as well as some 2B clutch pencil.

Thanks for looking.


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The Naiya Dowah

Back when I started this blog, I know I said something about showing my art here, so I decided it might be a good idea to carry through on that a little more. 😉  So a couple of days ago, I spent a good part of the afternoon taking my artwork from their frames or portfolios, and setting them just right in good, natural, overcast, daylight.  I took my pictures carefully, painstakingly, and slowly.  And they still ended up looking only so-so.  Is there nothing as difficult to photograph as artwork?

Luckily for me, the wonders of photo editing programs on computers can fix so many flaws, so the images have been corrected and now look better than the original photos did and look much like the original works of art look in real life.

Here’s what I’ve chosen to post today.  It’s called “The Naiya Dowah”, which is a fictional tribe of Native Americans I created for a novel I started a few years ago.  That particular novel is not yet finished as other projects and stories have taken my attention from it.

The name “Naiya Dowah” is not English, but rather Skyan (the Skye are another fictional Native tribe).  In English, “Naiya Dowah” translates to “Scarlet Wolves”.  They are an enemy tribe to the Skye Indians in my novel, thus, the menacing name.

Usually, I like to use a reference for drawings, but it is difficult to find older reference images that are in the public domain and that are also accurate or detailed enough to work from.  This particular drawing was drawn simply through careful research and imagination and without an actual reference.  The wonderful people over at WetCanvas were extremely helpful to me while I was working on this drawing! 

This drawing is 8×10 and drawn in graphite.  I’m afraid I can’t remember what type of paper I used.  I’ll also include some close-ups to show detail.  I hope you like it.  Please feel free to leave a comment!  Thank you for looking.


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