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Summer Adventures with a Macro Lens

I invested in a macro lens some time ago, and though it has taken a long time and a lot of trial and error, I have become steadily more excited about the possibilities that such a lens can provide.  I’ve taken thousands of photos this summer, I’m sure, and a great many of them were with my macro lens.  So I thought I would share a sampling of some of my favorites.  Every photo in this group has some kind of living creature in it…some are hidden very well, so look carefully! 🙂

There are a couple of photos here which were not taken with a macro lens, but they fit in here anyway.  Spiders, bees, weevils, moths, caterpillars, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, and even a Hummingbird Clearwing are among this collection of photos.  A lot of the photos have been cropped to better show the insects.  Unfortunately, I had to resize them as my blog is running low on space.  The original photos are typically much clearer than what you see here, but I wanted to share the pictures anyway.  A particular favorite is the pair of photos of the grasshopper (or possibly a locust?) on the leaf, so that all you can see is his shadow and a pair of antennae, and then his worried little face as he looks over the edge of the leaf right into the camera.  I smile every time I see that picture. 🙂

Fall is upon us now, and I hope you all are ready for it.  Hard to think summer is over, but the sweatshirt weather is always nice.  Have a great day!  I hope you like the photos.


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Spring and the Wildlife it Brings

It’s a beautiful time of year.  The leaves are open, the grasses are growing, and there are animals moving and grazing and raising young everywhere.  It’s that time of year where my camera goes with me almost everywhere.  You never know what you’ll find!

It’s also been a good year for new sights.  You may remember the bear and her cubs that I was lucky enough to get on camera.  I’ve also seen Sandhill Cranes, Canadian Geese, Woodpeckers, Robins, Squirrels, Toads (noisy, singing toads), Bullfrogs, Redwing Blackbirds, Butterflies, Houseflies, and other insects.  While houseflies don’t sound too exciting, I was pretty happy to get some up close and personal shots of them.

I’ve also been really enjoying my new Macro lens.  I’m still practicing and getting used to it, but I think it’s going to be a truly essential addition to my photography equipment.  What am I saying?  It already is. 🙂

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the local wildlife in these photos I’ve taken.  All but the Sandhill Crane were taken here on our land.  It’s amazing what you find when you open your eyes!  There is one photo of a blackbird in flight with his beak open.  Look closely, and you’ll see an insect flying in front of him.  I have a feeling that insect was lunch!

As for the not-so-local animals, I recently went to a wildlife park nearby and saw the most amazing fanning peacock.  He was gorgeous and mesmerizing to watch.  I hope you enjoy the photos of him, as well as a couple other animals I saw there.  I think the hyena is a rather handsome creature. 😉

Thanks for looking!


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Bear and Cubs

Several days ago, I was out for a walk with my camera and camcorder, planning to hike up to our pond to see if there was anything of interest up there, which there always is.  On the way, I spotted something much more exciting than frogs or ducks!  A mother bear and two cubs were at the woods’ edge.  It was one of those extremely fortunate moments when I happened to have all the camera equipment I needed.  Well, everything except for my tripod…I’ve got to make a habit of carrying that!

For a half hour, I snapped photos and recorded video of the happy little family, smiling to myself as those cubs tumbled and wrestled and climbed trees.  Only once, last spring, we saw a bear on our land.  The bear in this video may or may not be the same one, since she did happen to be in the same part of our field.  I spotted the mother bear first, and was thrilled by that alone, but when I first noticed something black moving in a tree, and spotted the cubs, I was in awe.  I’ve never seen wild bear cubs at all before, let alone on our farm!  As you can tell by the quality of video and photos, I stayed quite far away from them for the sake of safety. 😉

We’ve seen them several times, and now it’s part of my daily routine to look out the window and see if they’re out there.

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures and the video.

Bear with Cubs, Sandhill Crane, Birds, Cattle 033 Bear with Cubs, Sandhill Crane, Birds, Cattle 034 - Copy Bear with Cubs, Sandhill Crane, Birds, Cattle 080Irvine Park, Hyenas, Peacock, Wild Bear 072

…For some reason, I always choose sort of silly music to go with my bear videos. 🙂


Thanks for looking!


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Blood Moon

Two nights ago, I set an alarm and got up at 2:30 because there was supposed to be a “blood moon”.  I was not disappointed!  Putting on my snow boots and coat and trusty fingerless gloves, I grabbed my camera and tripod and went out.  The moon was fascinating, a true reddish-orange, and rather dim, but quite dramatic!

The orange color of the moon in the photos is accurate.  It was stunning!  Be sure to enlarge the photos, because you’ll see stars too!

Enjoy, and thanks for looking. 🙂

Blood Moon 006Edit Blood Moon 005 CROP


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Ah, Winter…

A few weeks ago, we got a big snow storm.  It’s been a brutally cold and difficult winter for us in Wisconsin, so we are very ready for spring to come.  It’s been in the 40s F lately, so that’s much improved.  However, I did get some photos of this drastic winter that I decided I may as well share.  Snow, while a bit frustrating at times, is pretty, I must admit.

We had some over 2 feet of snow at the time that I snapped these shots.  It was pretty crippling for awhile.  But it’s melting and settling pretty fast now, which is good.

Enjoy the photos!  Thanks for looking. 🙂


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Icicles and Sunbeams

Though I just posted some winter photos, I can’t resist posting more.  In truth, our winter here in Wisconsin has been brutal.  Very, very cold and a lot of snow.  Despite the struggles that causes us, I have to admit that it does make for a pretty world to photograph.

Day before yesterday, I was unable to resist going out with my camera as the lighting was warm and pretty.  Despite the fact that it was only 11 degrees F out there, the sun had that hint of spring warmth, and the icicles were dripping.

The sunshine shone like a brilliant star out there, and I was so glad that came through in the photos.  The shafts of light coming from the sun made it look so star-like.

I also have some photos of icicles, which I tried to photograph as they dripped.  I’ve never had a camera able to capture that quick drop of water until now, so as you can imagine, I took many, many photos and then deleted the uneventful ones later.  I encourage you to enlarge the images so you can see the water droplets larger.  They are quite mesmerizing.  Just these perfect little upside-down worlds.  Another interesting thing was that there was always one large water drop, and one tiny one following it.  Like a perfect little marble.  So pretty!

I hope you like the photos.  Thanks for looking.  Stay warm!


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Winter Lace

To glance out the window today was a good idea here, because a recent snow and drizzle has frozen onto the branches of the trees, and they are wrapped in a winter lace.  The photos I am sharing were taken on two separate days.  Yesterday’s weather was very heavy and foggy, shrouding the landscape and adding a sense of mystery to the woods.  Today, the clouds were lighter, and the air clearer, so that the trees glowed white against a pale blue background.  It was beautiful.  Some of the photos were taken with various settings to portray different moods in the images.  It was hard to stop snapping photos today.

It is scenery like this that inspired me to write the poem for our Christmas card for 2012.  You can see that poem, the 2012 Christmas card, as well as the original Winter Cow drawing here.

Thanks for looking!


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