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Quick sketches.

Sketches of a Horse, a Hen, an Eagle, and a Longhorn

I’ve been trying to sort of kick-start my creativity lately, so I’m doing quick sketches to try and spark some ideas and inspiration.¬† I’m also sketching so that I can say to myself, yes, I did draw today! ūüėČ

These took about 10 minutes to a couple of hours each, with the horse sketch taking the longest.¬† The hen and the longhorn are both done with Faber-Castell Pitt markers, and the eagle and the horse are graphite.¬† After playing with graphite again, I wouldn’t mind doing a fully fledged drawing with it again.¬† Once upon a time, graphite was my go-to medium of choice.¬† Once I tried out pen and ink several years ago, I fell in love, and¬†the graphite took the back seat.

I’ll admit that I am currently working on a new drawing, and this time with a new medium: clayboard.¬† More on that later. ūüôā

These were all done in a Strathmore Field sketchbook, and measure roughly 7×9 inches in size.

Thank you for looking.  Happy first day of spring!

Eagle Sketch CR Hen SketchCR Horse SketchCR Longhorn SketchCR


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Ghost Town Building

I haven’t posted any of my quick sketches for awhile.¬† To be honest, I haven’t done much drawing this winter.¬† I’m working on a sort of prequel to my book, Zeke’s Fate, and my goal is to have the whole book written (not ready for sale, but written anyway)¬†by April.¬† April will be the one-year mark from when I started writing the prequel.¬† It’s mostly got different characters this time, and is set in 1864-65.¬† I can honestly say that I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed writing more than I have with this book.¬† In time, I plan to have it bound and available for sale.¬† Stay tuned. ūüôā

Now where were we?¬† Oh yes, this is my latest little quick sketch.¬† I’ve done some other art, but need to get images of them before posting them.¬† In the meantime, here is a little sketch I did for a Monthly Challenge at WetCanvas.¬† It’s an old, abandoned ghost town building.¬† I just liked the straight, strong shapes of it despite being left to rot.¬† It took me about an hour to sketch this.¬† I used my trusty Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen,¬†the¬†Superfine size.¬† It’s roughly 5×6 inches.

Quick Sketch - Ghost Town BuildingCR

Thanks for looking!¬† Let’s hope spring arrives soon!


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Pelican Sketch

I think I can safely say that this is the first time a pelican has shown up on my blog.  I had the bug to sketch last night (perhaps as an escape from the finicky details of the scratchboard, which is progressing ok by the way).  Sometimes, the best thing to do is just grab the nearest pen and start something.  I did work from a reference image for this cranky old bird.  I prefer to have a reference image at hand when working.  Makes accomplishing accurate details easier.

I’ll get a post on the scratchboard up soon, but needed a break from it last night.


– 6 x 8 inches in size, drawn in my field sketchbook

– Drawn with an ordinary ball point pen

– Took almost an hour to draw


Thanks for looking!  Happy Easter!


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Just a Little Goat

Since I cannot yet post my Christmas drawing which will be used for cards to send to family and friends, I thought I would post a quick sketch that I did tonight.¬† Sorry to those who have been waiting for the Christmas card drawing – it’s not yet time. ūüėČ ¬†Keep checking back; it will be here soon enough.

So I decided to try my hand at a goat.  We had a goat when I was a kid, and what a fun, crazy, frustrating, hilarious and ultimately very lovable pet he was.  He was the best watch dog (so to speak) that we ever had.  He was a great buddy, but he did enjoy ramming people in the leg and showing everyone who was boss.  He liked to eat people food like crackers and vegetable peelings and so on, but he really loved cardboard.  He would eat something like a Wheat Thin, but he preferred the packaging they came in.  There are so many funny memories about that goat.

The sketch below is a quick one that is from imagination, but it’s somewhat like what our goat looked like.¬† It took about 15 minutes and is drawn¬†with a ball point pen in my trusty sketchpad.¬† It’s approximately 4 x 4 inches in size.


I hope you like this.¬† Thank you for looking. ūüôā


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Big Ol’ Bull

Over at, in the Southwest/Western forum, there is a Monthly Challenge where some reference photos are provided¬†and people are encouraged to draw or paint them.¬† It’s a great program and is always fun to participate in.¬† This month, the photos are stunning and I chose one of an impressive bull to draw.¬† I guess I was still in the loosening up frame of mind and I did this with markers again.

This time, I used not only Faber-Castell Brush Pens, but also Bic Mark It markers.¬† They’re big, bold and make a splash.¬† This is 9×12 inches in size.¬† I chose Strathmore ArtAgain paper in a yellowed tint for a more rustic feel.¬† This took about an hour or so to complete.

Thanks for looking. ūüôā


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A Guy in a Chair

I had some spare time over the weekend and had just finished up my dachshund
drawing, so I felt I wanted to loosen up a little and what better way than with
some large paper and markers?

This piece is 10×14 inches and is drawn on
a heavily textured watercolor paper. I used Faber-Castell brush pens (more marker than pen) in various
shades of gray and black. I found it surprisingly easy to blend the shades to
soften the markers’ edges. When I put down some darks, I would go over them with
a pale gray and it blended the shades very well.

It took me about four hours to draw this. I had a lot of fun with the drawing as I did not use pencil to
sketch it – just grabbed my markers and built the scene as I went. I was working
with an old photo of a young fellow in an ornate chair.

Feels so good to loosen up sometimes!

To see this larger, click the image.

Thanks for looking.¬†ūüôā


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Vacation Sketches

These are the sketches I did on vacation.¬† Nothing very exciting…just some quick work.¬† The landscape, deer and pitcher are all drawn from life.¬† I used a simple sketchpad and Faber-Castell Pitt pens of various sizes.

The landscape was done while sitting out on a nice swing looking over the lake.  It took about twenty minutes.

This deer was drawn from a mount.¬† I couldn’t sketch deer in real life fast enough!¬† It took just two, three minutes.

The pitcher (I mislabeled it a vase in the sketch…Oops) was done¬†in about forty minutes while we all watched a movie.

This one was just random.  My hand with the pen was sketched from life, the other is just from imagination.

They aren’t much to look at, but that’s the nature of quick sketches I guess.¬†ūüôā¬† Been a while¬†since I did a¬†real drawing.¬†¬†Just today though, I started adding ink to my dachshund drawing.¬† I’ll post WIP that soon.

Thank you¬†for looking. ūüôā


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