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I’m skipping ahead to one of my newer sculptures.  I was having a difficult, desolate day a few weeks ago, and I knew that if I didn’t sink my thoughts and my focus into something creative, I would probably start punching walls or something like that.  Though I won’t go into details about the reasons for my feeling that way, I felt it was important to point out why this sculpture is near and dear to me.  It got me through a hard day and left me smiling and feeling that my anger has been released through a much needed creative outlet.

This is also a first for me.  I’ve done wire animals up to this point, but this is the first time I’ve attempted a human sculpture.  It was incredibly fun and I hope to make more like this one!  I’ve named her Josephine for two reasons.  First, I have two grandmothers (one great, and one great-great) with this name, and I also have a book character whose name is Josephine.


– Measures 9 1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

-Made with numerous kinds of wire, both steel wire and dark annealed wire of various gauges.  She has more embellishments than most, which made her interesting to assemble.  Her dress is made with a collection of metal flower pins that I purchased some time ago.  Under the flower “skirt” is a solid mass of wire, which was handy for attaching the pins with wire.  I bought a lot of 100 of these pins, not sure what I’d use them for, but knowing they would be great for something.  The bodice of her dress is an embellishment I got at an art store.  Her arms are recycled from a broken doll I had on hand.  The hat is an old pin which was a dated gold color.  I painted it to suit the sculpture, and sealed it with a clear coat to finish it.  Her hair is a long length of gold chain wound around to look like long tresses.  She stands on a metal base which was a piece of junk that a friend gave me, knowing how I love metal junk for my work.  Thank you, Jana. 🙂

Thanks so much for looking!  I hope you like this sculpture.


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Camera Practice…Still Trying to Learn…

I love my new camera, but am still learning all about the settings. I’m happy with it, but my photos aren’t quite what I expect them to be. However, I suppose I can’t expect perfect shots every time. As you’ll see, a couple are a bit out of focus. On top of my inexperience with the camera, it’s been breezy, so the subjects are always moving this way and that. I’ll share some of my recent photos regardless of that. It’s beautiful outside with flowers and blossoms everywhere…there is much to enjoy. I hope you’ll like my photos. As usual, I enjoy macro subjects, so you’ll see a lot of close shots here. Thank you for looking!


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Josephine’s Shoes

Last Thursday, my mom and I went to an amazing flea market called Junk Bonanza.  It’s the second time we’ve gone, and we loved every minute there.  The amazing stuff, the talented ways the vendors set up and display their rusty, dusty, beautiful finds, the cheerful vibe of the whole place…it’s a fabulous event!

While there, I purchased a few things for my junk sculpture ideas including some old camera parts, an old gauge, and lenses from an eye doctor’s kit.  But my favorite find was a pair of women’s shoes which I believe date to the late 1800s or early 1900s.  They are leather, very supple yet, and just so tiny!  I have big feet, so these dainty little things are just adorable!

One other piece of happy news.  I believe I have finally settled on a new camera.  I chose the Canon T3i Rebel, and have the 18-55 mm lens as well as the 55-250 mm lens.  I’m having such fun playing with this camera, and the photos below were taken with this camera.  I’m still just beginning to learn about all the custom settings, but so far, I am happy with it. 🙂

Part of why I love these shoes so much is because somehow, it helps to have props to study while I am working on creative writing.  Zeke’s Fate may be complete, but Russ’ book (still untitled) is well in the works.  In Russ’ book, there’s a character by the name of Josephine, who will be a love interest for Russ.  When I saw these little shoes, I immediately thought they looked like they would be Josie’s shoes.  And they go great with my Bowler Hat, which I always visualized as Russ’ hat.  The two go hand in hand. 🙂

Josephine’s Shoes

I hope you enjoyed seeing these cute little shoes.  Have a great day!


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Today, at long last, I am going to share my Christmas card drawing.  While not everyone on my list of friends and family have yet gotten their cards, I wanted to share this on Christmas Day.

This year, I worked from a photo I took last winter after a breathtaking storm.  There was a woods laced with snow and ice, and a single Angus cow standing before it.  It was a beautiful scene, and I was fortunate to have my camera handy.  It was very, very slow mapping out the whole woods for this drawing.  Talk about time consuming!  But I always do love a challenge, so that was ok.  I enjoyed this one a lot.

Christmas Cow

– 8×10 inches in size.

– Drawn in pen and ink.  Almost exclusively the Prismacolor Premier Illustration Marker, 0.005 mm size.

– Drawn on Strathmore 400 series Bristol Smooth paper.


Feel free to click on the images to see them larger.

Below is the actual Christmas card we used the image for.


And here is the inside.  I wrote the poem for the card this year.  It was the first time I wrote the inside message, but I do love to write, so it was fun.

ChristmasCard2012 InsideCR

I hope you are warm and happy and surrounded by family and friends.

Merry Christmas from Oliver and me. 🙂

Yes, he actually seems to enjoy being dressed up.  He feels extra special then.

Thank you for looking.


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Lingering Autumn

While the most dramatic of the fall colors have ebbed away with the wind and the rain, there still remains beauty.  Those beautiful, warm, colorful leaves have mostly fallen, littering the ground in the most pretty way.  As always, I am amazed at how beautiful nature really is.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

And just because I’m such a cat lover, here is one of my cats playing in a tree.  🙂

And my Oliver looking out the window…again.

Thank you for looking.


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