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Shelby the Blue Heeler Commission – Finished

After filling in the last few details, thickening up her fur, finishing her collar and tags, and, of course, signing it, this drawing is now complete.

Shelby is a beautiful dog, and it was a pleasure to draw her.  With all of that thick, plush fur, the deep blacks of her face and spots, and the whiskers…this one kept me alert and focused.  It was a great dog to draw!


– Measures 8×10 inches, drawn on Strathmore 500 series Bristol Plate paper.

– Drawn with Sakura Pigma Micron pens, ranging in size from 005 (primarily), 01, and a touch of 03.  Despite the darks needed for this drawing, I stuck with a very fine-tip pen as much as I could, so it wouldn’t look blocky or rushed.


A couple of close-ups.

Shelby crop - CR 1 Shelby crop - CR

And finally, here is a short video of the progress from start to finish.

Thank you for following along, for the likes, and for the comments.  The support is much appreciated! 🙂


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Shelby the Blue Heeler Commission WIP 7

I’ve done quite a bit with this since I last posted. The fur around the neck and chest is thick and dense, and it’s been interesting trying to get the textures and values to work. She has muscular shoulders, so there is a lot of width to them. The collar is more in place, and the metal parts I’m saving for last, because they will be fun to do.  I’ve gone a little darker again with the mask on her face, and have added some more textures to her face as well. Not far from done now. 🙂

Shelby WIP 14 - CR

Thank you for looking.


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Shelby the Blue Heeler Commission WIP 6

Hello readers,

I’ve done a fair amount of work on Shelby since my last post.  The areas that I’ve been working on seem a little less exciting than those facial features, so I thought I’d wait until there was more progress to share.  Since my last update, I’ve gone over the entire drawing and really made those darks pop, as this is the darkest coloring I’ve done on a dog.  I’ve thickened up the fur along the left side of her head, and am now working my way down her neck and shoulder.  All of these random chunks of fur feel very abstract…as I draw, I tend to feel like what I’m drawing looks nothing like fur, but in the end, it kind of pans out.  I got a start on her collar today, as well.  It’s coming along, and I’m enjoying this drawing very much.

Shelby WIP 12 CR Shelby WIP 13 CR

Thank you for looking. 🙂


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Shelby the Blue Heeler, Commission WIP

Hello there,

After a long span of time since my last post, I finally have some art to share here on my blog.

I am working on a new commission of a pretty Blue Heeler by the name of Shelby.  She is friends with Buddy, whom I had the pleasure of drawing some time ago.  This drawing had a bit of a bumpy start, as I had some trouble getting the graphite preliminary sketch to look correct (it’s still so-so), but today, I realized I have to stop second-guessing myself and just start with the ink already.  What you’re seeing is the ear.  Shelby’s face is mostly black, with some gray markings, so I really need to push the values on this drawing.  I’m enjoying it very much.

This drawing is essentially a series with Buddy, so the crop and “feel” of the drawing will be very similar.  This is 8×10 inches, and I’m using Strathmore 500 series Bristol Plate paper.  It is amazing paper, by the way.  So strong and smooth – perfect for applying a lot of ink (…or for erasing many mistakes… 😉 ).  I’m using a different kind of pen this time, Sakura Pigma Micron Pens, which are a little inkier and slightly warmer in color than my usual Prismacolors.  I like them for the most part, though the flow of ink can be a little intimidating for a detail freak like me.  However, they work very well for Shelby, since she’s got such dark coloring.

I hope you will follow along with this WIP, and feel free to leave a comment if you wish.  Thank you for looking.  I hope you’re all having a good Christmas season. 🙂

Shelby WIP 2 - CR


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Buddy the Blue Heeler WIP 2

Here is the next part of my work-in-progress of the blue heeler.  I tend to be unsure what to say about my WIPs while I’m working on them, as there’s not a lot to explain.  I’m just spreading those dots along the forehead and over toward the ear, and down to the eye and cheek.  The eye was intimidating to draw, as eyes always are, but it went alright.  It’s always more interesting to work on a drawing once the eye is firmly in place.

Thank you for looking! 🙂

Boodro WIP 4 CR Boodro WIP 5CR


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Buddy the Blue Heeler WIP

Hi everyone,

It has been quite a while since I’ve shared a work-in-progress of a drawing, so here is a new project I’m working on.  This is a dog that belongs to a friend of mine from WetCanvas.  This good-looking Blue Heeler is named Buddy, but is also known as Boodro by his owner.  I was kindly given permission to use the photo for a reference image.

So here is the first 7-8 hours of work.  After a winter of lagging creative energy, the warmer spring air is bringing inspiration once again.

I’m using Prismacolor Fine Line Markers in the .03, .01, and .005 sizes.  The paper is Strathmore 400 series Bristol Smooth.  I hope you’ll enjoy this WIP.  It’s got quite a ways to go yet.

Click to view the images larger.

Thanks for looking!

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