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Alfred and Nellie, 1947

Here is the second part of my Family series of drawings.  This wonderful photo of my great-grandparents, Alfred and Nellie, was taken in 1947, and I absolutely loved the casual, friendly look of them.  They seem so cheerful, don’t they?

New Macro Lens, Alfred and Nellie Drawing 017

It begged to be drawn.  So that’s what I did.

I recently bought a tablet of gray tinted paper, hoping it would be durable and hold up to my ink wash/marker style of drawing (such as the style I used for Georgia and the Tough Guys). Unfortunately, this new paper quickly wants to ripple when wet, so I had no choice but to stipple the drawing rather than do a more abstract style as I’d hoped. Still, the results were okay and I actually like the white charcoal with the stipple more than I thought I would. Happy accident. 🙂

Alfred and Nellie, 1947

– The drawing is 5×7 inches, and drawn on Strathmore 400 series Toned Gray paper.

– I used Prismacolor Fine Line Markers in sizes .005, .01, and .03 for the darks and the details.  Once I had the dark values in place, I applied white charcoal to brighten the highlights and breathe a bit of life into the drawing.  I blended the white charcoal some with a tortillian to soften the edges.

New Macro Lens, Alfred and Nellie Drawing 021 CR

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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Tough Guys

Last weekend, as a much needed break from my scratchboard project, I decided to draw something fun…something just for me.  So I turned to my collection of what I call “someday photos”…reference images I’ve collected over time for a rainy day or for inspiration.  Well, one of my favorite images in the group is one that a fellow blogger, Matt, of the wonderful and elegant picsofthen blog, very kindly let me use for a drawing.  Thank you so much for generously allowing me to use one of your beautiful photos as a reference, Matt!  I could not have enjoyed drawing these four tough guys more!  For those interested, you can check out the awesome original photograph here.

I drew this over the course of three days, a total of roughly six hours of work.  It was refreshingly quick to draw and it was so nice to draw something spontaneous and without pressure.  I used inks and white charcoal on a wonderful gray tinted paper for this drawing.  I don’t often mix media, but this time it seems to have a nice effect.  The gray paper was such fun to use, and I think I’ll be doing more like this in the future.

Tough Guys

– 8 x 10 inches on Strathmore gray tinted Pastel Paper

– Drawn with Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pens of various shades of gray and black, almost exclusively using the Brush Tip size

– Once the inks were in place, I added pops of white with a white charcoal pencil in areas such as the faces, eyes, shirts, scarves, buttons and just a hint on the leather gloves.

– This took roughly six hours to complete


Thanks for looking.  Have a great rest of the week, and happy first day of Spring!


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New Pages

Hello dear readers,

I just wanted to mention that I’ve got three new pages for you to check out if you’d like.  Pet Portraits, Prints for Sale, and Sculptures for Sale.  Here you may put in an order for an original portrait of your pet, or buy other artwork.  So check them out and feel free to browse.  If you see something you like, please contact me.  Of course, I will be continuing my regular blog as well.  Thank you, and have a wonderful rest of the week!


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Christmas Drawing and Card 2011

As 2011 draws to a close, I will post my latest Christmas drawing and card.

This one may look familiar, as I posted it as a work-in-progress earlier this year.  It is also a charcoal drawing like the post of Mary and Baby Jesus.  This drawing was a commission, so the original drawing has been sold, but I held on to the copyright so I could make Christmas cards.  The tradition of doing an annual Christmas drawing and making cards will continue, I’m sure.  So now, I will let you see the images.  Have a very happy and safe New Year!  Thank you for looking. 🙂


-11×14 inches in size

-Charcoal on watercolor paper.


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Christmas Drawing and Card 2010

No, I didn’t forget about the card from 2009.  That year, for the first time, there was no Christmas card to send out.  In November of that year, I became quite sick and was unable to make the cards.  It was hard to let it slip by, but I was far from able to work on it, so there was no choice.  Fortunately, I bounced back in 2010 and was able to get back on track.  The drawing of 2010 is my personal favorite of the Christmas series.  I used charcoal for this.  I love the rich, warm blacks that charcoal produces.

Mary and Baby Jesus

-8×10 inches in size

-Done in black and white charcoal on heavily textured watercolor paper.  I like watercolor paper for charcoal because the paper is a very nice weight, and the textures are excellent to work with!

The card appears a bit crooked in the image.  Sorry about that.

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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