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Draft Horse WIP 10

Here’s another update.  It’s been interesting trying to get the textures of the leather right.  This certainly has been a learning journey!  The leather needs to be toned down a bit in value, and things are a little messy at the moment.  The fiberglass brush makes big, streaky marks, so additional corrections and details need to come yet.  But it’s coming along.  I’ve got to finish this before my show in August.  I thought I’d have plenty of time.  Funny how a deadline can sneak up! 😉

Draft Horse WIP 10 - CR

Thanks for looking!


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Draft Horse WIP 9

Well, I can honestly say I’ve been keeping right at this drawing, but the update doesn’t look much different than my last one. 🙂  I estimate that between the last post and this one, I’ve done around 12 hours of work, all spent on that complex and intricate harness.  I am amazed by the detail in horse harnesses and tack.  The loops, straps, buckles, and rings are so beautiful, and so numerous!  It’s amazing to think of the people that invented such a thing!

Anyway, here’s my update.  The metal parts of the harness will really gleam in the end.  I’m purposely leaving them a little unfinished so that the ink “dust” won’t stain them due to my hand rubbing those areas.  Scratchboard is actually rather dusty.  If you cut deeply into the clay, you’ll see dust and bits of clay and ink sift down as you work.

Thank you for looking. 🙂

Draft Horse WIP 9 CR


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Surprise!  I’ve been keeping this pen and ink drawing to myself, and now that it’s complete, it is time to share it here.

Whether it’s my farm girl roots or a coincidence, I seem to draw a lot of farm animals.  I love the legacy of farming, and the animals that go along with it are a big reason for that.  Plus, bonus, people seem to love farm animals, be it a horse, cow, pig, goat, dog, cat, duck, or chicken.  Thus, my rooster was a long time coming. 🙂


– This drawing measures 5×7 inches, and is drawn on Strathmore 500 series Bristol Plate paper.

– Drawn with Sakura Pigma Micron pens, ranging in size from 005 (primarily), 01, and a tiny touch of 03 for those inky blacks.  When I first used Sakura Pigma Micron pens, I felt they were very inky and a little out-of-control feeling.  However, the rich, warm blacks they produce are unsurpassed by any pen I’ve tried so far, and I have a fair collection of different brands of pens.  These are great!

Rooster WIp Finished - CR

A short video of the work-in-progress.

And a couple of close-up photos.

Rooster WIp Finished - Copy CR

Rooster WIp Finished - Copy (4) CR

I hope you like the drawing.  Thank you for looking! 🙂


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Draft Horse WIP 5

At last, I have an update to share.  This horse is slow going…the progress you see here is the result of two or three sittings, and most of my sittings last a couple of hours.  There is so much to pay attention to in this piece…I need to constantly be checking over the whole drawing to make sure all the straps are lining up correctly, and of course, the horse needs some attention, as well. 🙂

Here is where the horse is at this point.  Most of the head is in place at last.  I’ve added the ear and the jawline, and have also filled in the cheek area a little more.

Draft Horse WIP 5 CR

Thanks for looking!  I’m always happy to get a little feedback, so feel free to leave a comment. 🙂


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Draft Horse WIP 4

I really should work harder on this…I just realized that I started this drawing a whopping two months ago.  Yikes!  However, I’ve got the eye in place at last.  In my opinion, with portraiture (human or animal), the eye can make or break the whole drawing.  The eye of this horse has not gone as smoothly as I’d have liked, but I feel ok about it now after tweaking it.  The straps, halter, and bridle are taking a lot of time and attention, but it will be worth it.

Draft Horse WIP 4 CR

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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Draft Horse WIP 3

I had a rather relaxing afternoon to myself today, and spent a good deal of time working on my draft horse scratchboard.  This is very slow going.  When I started out on this drawing, I knew it would require a lot of detail, but all those straps, buckles, and bits have taken a lot of time.  But it’s coming along.  I’m still using just an X-Acto knife and am more or less stippling with it to get the fine, soft textures of the horse’s hide.  I’ve also used a little hatching for the halter.  The horse looks a little eerie with that black hollow where his eye should be…I expect the next update will include the eye.

Draft Horse WIP 3 - CR

Thanks for looking, and have a Happy Easter!


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Brown Pig

At last, I’m going to post a new sculpture.  Well, not exactly “new”…this sculpture was done way back in January.  I had such a hard time getting decent photos of this one…in outdoor light, the color looked whitish, and in indoor lighting, it looked black.  It took some doing to get the colors right.  I ended up using this brown faux leather fabric that was on hand and a warm lamp and I finally got the colors right.

This brown pig is large, like my two silver ones.  He also used my last beloved set of “leaf” pendants for ears.  I have been unable to find more anywhere, and I’ve looked for months.  So this is the end of a piggy era.  However, I’ve collected a few other things that should work as pig ears, too.  I’ll miss these ears, though…they were ideal!

Brown Pig

– The center of this sculpture is made with 17 gauge steel fencing wire, and all the wire you see is dark annealed wire.  Most of it is 16 gauge, and some is 19 gauge, and then there is a little black craft wire by the ears and nose, and for the base of the tail.  The ears I’ve already explained, and the nose is, of course, a button.

– The sculpture measures 7 inches long by 3 1/4 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

Thanks for looking!


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