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The Junk Thief

Meet the Junk Thief. I call him that because I made another crow similar to this one last year. He is wearing fancy, (fake) diamond encrusted wings and a jewel tail, and I named him the Jewel Thief.  Remember him?

Sculptures 104CR

Look at him, hogging this post that doesn’t belong to him!  He’s shameless.

I more recently make this poor thing in the pictures below. I knew he was ugly and unfortunate from the moment I called him finished. He was kind of sad and strange, and I just had to laugh, because he is sort of the opposite of my Jewel Thief. Thus, he is the Junk Thief.

Junk Thief

-Measures 2 1/2 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches long by 1 3/4 inches wide.

-Made with mostly 19 gauge dark annealed wire, as well as some silver wire for the feet. The tail is some random piece of old jewelry I had, and the wings are from a metal flower pin that I took apart to “build” wings. The beak is a cone-shaped bead from an art store. Like I said, he’s sort of homely, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

But don’t despair, the Junk Thief has just as much dignity and self-esteem as his rival, Jewel Thief. 😉

Thank you for looking.

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The Basset Case

Hi there,

Here is another of my recent sculptures.  I came across a pair of glitzy, sparkling earrings that were soft and dangly.  They made me think of the giant, supple ears of a basset hound.  So here is what I came up with.

The Basset Case

– Measures 8 inches long by 4 & 1/4 inches tall (at the tail) by 2 inches wide.

– Made with some 17 gauge steel fencing wire, as well as paddle wire of various sizes from 22 – 30 gauge.  The ears are those big, soft, fake-diamond-encrusted earrings. The nose is a rectangle/square-shaped glass bead that I had in my stash.  I debated using that bead as it looked so enormous, but what good is a hound dog without his giant nose? 🙂  I pulled wire through the hole in the center of the bead and “sewed” it onto the end of the dog’s face, wrapping wire until the bead was nested tightly in the wire and the head looked like that of a dog.  The tail is a white glass pendant in the shape of a tusk or tooth.

I hope you like this sculpture.  Thank you for looking!


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Ashley for the Arts 2015

Dear readers,

Well, I’ve taken a little break from blogging since my art show back on the 7th and 8th of August.  It was a great show, and I enjoyed it very much!  I thought I’d share some photos from my tent display.  This is just my 3rd art show so far, but I hope to do more of them in the future.  They are a lot of work, but also such great fun!  I met some wonderful people, both fellow artists with their own work at the show, and the visitors who came to explore the art fair.

If you happened to attend Ashley for the Arts (located in Arcadia, WI) and visited my tent, I want to say thank you for looking at my work!  I hope you enjoyed what I do, and please remember that I would be very happy to draw your old family snapshots by offering Ancestry Art, or also would be happy to draw your beloved pet.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at   if you’re interested!

And now, on to the show! 🙂

It was pretty windy as we set up on Friday, but it calmed down, and the weather was perfect after that for both days.  This was my first two-day show, so there were some new challenges faced, but it was a good experience.

Since my first art show, I’ve changed a few things.  I invested in some pretty curtains to give my tent more personality and character, and also to make it feel like a store instead of just a tent.  Some displays are new since my first show, such as my Christmas art and card display, my Ancestry Art display, as well as some new shelves and boxes for my artwork.  I really wanted a timelessness in my display, so many of the items are reclaimed and old.  Since so many of my drawings are animals, especially farm animals, I like keeping my own family farm’s heritage here with some of the wood boxes that are from around my home.  I like to keep things cozy, so that people feel comfortable coming and going. The two black things up at the top inside the tent are fans, and they were so worth the investment!  They feel great on a hot day!

001 - Copy

Click to view this larger.


This is my Ancestry Art display.  I am happy to say people seemed to respond to it well.

006 - Copy

This is my display for my photo notecards, as well as my fine art prints.

009 - Copy

My new sculpture display.  Some of these sculptures still need to be posted here on my blog.  I’ve fallen behind!

014 - Copy

My art wall, featuring all animals this time, since my drawings of people got their own feature in the Ancestry Art.

017 - Copy

This table is a new addition to my tent this year.  I wanted my newest drawing, the Draft Horse to have his own space.  I also had my scratchboard prints available on this table.  Yes, I now have scratchboard prints available at last! 🙂

018 - Copy

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of my art show.  I had a great time, and for those of you who visited, I hope you had a great time, too!


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The other day, I was hanging out in my studio, and ended up reorganizing my ever-growing stash of found items and junk so I can have somewhat of a system and won’t waste time looking for something.  Going through all these things is rather inspiring.  As I sorted out leaf pendants, jump rings, earrings, chains, brooches, and other assorted doodads, I found numerous ideas.  I found stuff for making a large, crown-wearing cat, and a dragonfly, and perhaps a number of other critters.  One thing on my immediate to-do list is a cow.  I found embellishments that should work beautifully.  As I continued to sort through my stuff, I came upon two matching gold pendants, and immediately could picture a proper, fancy little dog.  So, I stopped reorganizing my stuff (eh…it’s good enough 😉 ) and immediately began to sculpt.

This is what came of it.


– Made with 16 gauge and 19 gauge dark annealed wire, and black jewelry wire for details and connecting stuff.

– Measures 3 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches long by 1 1/4 inch wide.

– Materials used include gold pendants for ears, and a hot pink chain taken from a pair of groovy earrings for the collar, with a silver pendant for the little bauble on the collar.  (Note that when I mention gold and silver in the embellishments, I mean color only – I can’t afford the real stuff! 🙂 )

Thanks for looking. 🙂


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Elephant (sculpture commission)

A friend of mine recently commissioned me to make an elephant as a gift for her friend.  This is the second time I was commissioned to make a sculpture, so that is very exciting.  I had never made an elephant sculpture before, so this was a really nice change of pace.  Thanks for letting me do this for you, Jo.  It was a joy! 🙂


– Measures 6 1/2 inches long by 4 inches tall by 2 3/4 inches wide.

– Made primarily with 17 gauge steel fencing wire, along with 22 gauge wire, and craft wire for details and embellishment attachment.

– Found items used on this include a thick, heavy chain for the trunk, a hoop earring broken in two for the tusks, and a butterfly brooch, also broken in two, for the ears.  I used a bit of chain for that tiny tuft at the end of the tail as well.

I hope you like this.  Thanks for looking!


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The Beetle

Some time ago, my grandpa gave me an old typewriter, encouraging me to use it as I wished.  As you can imagine, I ripped it apart and now have all sorts of good sculpture material.  Thanks, Grandpa! 🙂

I was just toying with these pieces one day in my studio, and I held two matched pieces together and suddenly, I saw an insect face and antenna.  Immediately, I began to put together different pieces to create the rest of this insect.  I took out a box of sewing machine parts I bought for a bargain at a local antique store, and looked through my junk stash until I found the right pieces.  This sculpture came together quickly and easily, which was unusual.  I typically need a few days to picture the sculpture in my head, and some more time yet to find the right embellishments.  But this beetle just came together nicely.

The Beetle

– Made with 17 gauge steel wire, 22 gauge wire, and fine craft wire for attaching embellishments.  The antenna and the legs are parts from the typewriter.  If you look closely at the square ends of these parts, each one has a capital and small letter, or a pair of symbols.  The mandible mouth is made from a sewing machine part.  The beetle’s shell is a metal logo plate from a broken hairdryer…you can see Conair Infinity on his shell, and I rather like that. 🙂

– He measures 5 inches long by 4 inches tall by 4 inches wide.  He’s low and wide, unlike most of my previous sculptures.  Those big, scuttling legs add width.

Thanks for looking!

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The Bumblebee

Shockingly, I forgot to post this wire/junk sculpture.  I made it quite a while ago, and how I never got around to posting it, I don’t know.

When I buy old, broken and discarded jewelry, I often buy big bags-full of it for a good price if I can.  It’s much better than buying new “fake old” embellishments at art and craft stores, because you never know what you’ll find in bags bulging with tangled chains, jewelry, and so on.  In one of these big bags full of junk jewelry was this large plastic flower pin.  It was a bit time-worn, a bit gaudy, and I just didn’t know that I could use a piece like this.

As you can see, it found a home.  The pin is probably about 2 inches across, and I decided to just let the flower be a flower rather than try to incorporate it into anything else.  I used wire to make the stem and leaf, and attached it to a furniture foot base, which I painted a sunny yellow.  The addition of the bumblebee came to me after the flower was made, and I wanted him to be one of those chubby, adorable bees that dip in and out of flower gardens all day long.


– Made with 17 gauge steel wire, finer craft wire in silver, black, and gold for the bee.  I also used a furniture leg/foot for the base, and of course, the bright orange flower pin.

– I did not remember to measure this, but I believe the bee itself was about 1 1/2 – 2 inches long, and the whole sculpture probably measures approximately 8 inches tall.  That’s just a guess. 🙂

As you see, Norman made it into the photo shoot.

Thanks for looking! 🙂


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