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Big Tree, the Big Finale

Yes, that’s right.  At long, long last, my scratchboard tree commission for the nursing home has been finished, framed, and delivered to the nursing home.

What a ride this has been.  I had never previously worked this large before except for a quick crayon sketch of Goliath for a Bible School class a few years ago.  I was so honored that the nursing home staff asked me to do this to hang in their hallway.

After applying the colored inks to the grasses at the base of the tree, and finishing off the tree itself with a few tweaks, this is complete.  I applied a good deal of fixative so it will hold up better over time.  I probably applied 10 or more coats of fixative.  My parents built, painted, and sealed the frame and they did such a great job!

As those of you who have been following along know, this is a very large board at 3×3 feet in size.  The scratchboard, with its wooden cradle (for stability), the frame, the glass, and the backing, all together weigh an impressive 47.8 pounds.  This was a beast to move!

It was received at the nursing home with great enthusiasm and appreciation, which made the entire process all the more exciting to do.  I am so happy they like it.  I know it will have a good home there.

Well finally, I suppose I should show you the scratchboard tree, itself.

The Guardian

– 3×3 feet in size.

– Ampersand Scratchboard

– Tools used were X-Acto Knives, Fiberglass Brushes, various Scratchboard tools, Steel Wool, and Ampersand Colored inks applied with paint brushes.

– I began this tree on February 28th, 2013 and finished the drawing part of the project almost exactly 3 months later.  It took probably around 200 hours to draw, ink and finish this piece.  The planning, building, assembling, and completion of the framing took some more time, so it was officially finished just a few days ago.

It was extremely difficult to photograph, but this is about the best I could do after some photoshopping.  This looks much like the original artwork, though it does lack some detail.  Click to view it larger.

The Tree CR

Close ups.

The Tree Closeup 2 CR

The Tree Closeup CR

To give an idea of the size, I thought I would share this photo of myself with the tree.

Tree With Jen 015Edit

Thank you for looking, for the comments, for your patience, and for following along with this commission piece.  I really appreciate it all. 🙂


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